Artful Picks: Hanukkah Edition

We've rounded up our best Hanukkah gifts from The CJM Storewith picks from Executive Director Lori Starr, Chief Curator Renny Pritikin, and Store Director Kevin Grenon! From boldly colored toys to the "notoriously awaited" RGB book, there's something for everyone—so give from the heART this year.

Lori Starr, Executive Director
"With chapters like, 'Been In This Game For Years' and 'Your Words Just Hypnotize Me,' this charming and informative book would be a wonderful gift for any bright young woman interested in Jewish jurisprudence and the impact of RBG on our collective psyche. I recommend the 'How to Be Like RBG' appendix!"

Lori Starr, Executive Director

"I remember the magic of first playing a harmonica. It was so fun, and a little addictive. This one is beautifully designed, and so bright it will be easy to find in the yard after a day of music and games outside with friends."

Renny Pritikin, Chief Curator

"This is the first book CJM Executive Director Lori Starr gave me, and it was influential in my coming to the museum. It explores how the evolution of the Yiddish language shapes Jewish identity and vice versa. No matter how good things are, people will still kvetch! Anyone interested in linguistics and Jewish history will love this funny, fascinating book."

Kevin Grenon, Museum Store Director

“Kids will love the feeling of this animal-themed, smooth silicone placemat, which comes with four no-toxic dry-erase markers. I especially like the drawing of the whale and that sneaky-looking raccoon. I wish I were still allowed to draw at holiday dinners!”

Kevin Grenon, Museum Store Director

“We have many beautiful dreidels, but this one has always been my favorite. It’s special not just because it’s handcrafted gold, but also because oak and acorn, both significant in the Torah, are gracefully incorporated into its lovely design.”



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