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Great minds (don’t) think alike

Installation view of In That Case: Havruta in Contemporary Art :  Lindsey White and Ron Lynch. Photo by Johnna Arnold. Creativity comes in pairs in The CJM’s exhibition series In That Case: Havruta in Contemporary Art . Following exhibitions with Lindsey White and Ron Lynch, and Helena Keefe and Jessica Prentice, Anthony Discenza and Peter Straub are the third duo to showcase their collaboration. Each duo had, and will have, different roles in the creative process; for instance, photographer Lindsey White took pictures of the subject—Ron Lynch—while Lynch employed his comedic skills, creating an audio ‘tour’ of the exhibition that was available to visitors. Researching for the exhibition series, I read Sarah Lewis’  NYT review on Joshua Wolf Shenk’s Powers of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs.  I thought about the implications of a collaborative practice—not only on the pair’s creativity, but also on their individual practices

Artist Terry Berlier on Thinking Outside the (Tzedakah) Box

Terry Berlier, Variation on Soma Cube: Empty Center , 2015.  Wood: walnut, maple, cherry, ash, red oak, ipe, basswood,  7 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. Photo by Johnna Arnold. In conjunction with The 2015 Dorothy Saxe Invitational: Tzedakah  Box , The CJM invites participating artists to give insightful chats in the gallery. Artists will discuss their work in the larger context o f craft, design, and how the invitation to create work on the theme of tzedakah  affected their process. Get to know artist Terry Berlier, who will be speaking at The CJM on Friday, April 24 from  12:30–1pm . _________________________________________________________________________________ 1. What inspired you about taking this traditional Jewish object and creating a new work of art? H onestly, I had a very challenging time with it at first. I don't usually like making functional objects so it took me some time to come up with something that felt relevant to the Jewish object as well as to m