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Creative Director and Catalog Designer Brian Scott

Portrait of Brian Scott by Heimo  ( ) Brian Scott is the Creative Director of Boon Design , has worked with the likes of Apple and Miranda July, and is the designer of our exhibition catalog Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought. It's a stunning book that looks different from any other we've produced. This made us wonder: who is he, and how did he approach the challenge of creating a book about trees, where the subject matter is not just contained in the words, but in the paper itself? How was this book different from others you've worked on? The main reason this book was different from others was the schedule—from design to finished books was incredibly condensed. Most book projects take many months and often years, and this is after the content is created and edited. Thankfully the curators (Dara Solomon and Colleen Stockmann) did a wonderful job of organizing the content, and we were also blessed with an incre