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Back to Amy

Installation photo of  You Know I'm No Good  by Johnna Arnold. The title of this exhibition is taken from a track by the same name on Amy Winehouse’s award-winning album, Back to Black (2006). In response to the intimate look at Winehouse allowed in A Family Portrait , The Museum invited three contemporary artists to display work about the singer. San Francisco artists Jason Jägel and Jennie Ottinger created new works for the exhibition and a selection of drawings by New York artist Rachel Harrison are also on view. Installation photo of  You Know I'm No Good  by Johnna Arnold. Jägel is known for his paintings that combine text and cartoon-like figures to create dreamlike narratives that pull the viewer across the image and back again. He has also created album art for many rap and R&B musicians. For You Know I’m No Good , he created a mural-sized painting for the gallery wall visible from Yerba Buena Lane inspired by Winehouse and her music.

Amy, Illustrated

  All images courtesy of artist (via Instagram: @victoriathorne). Last week we got an Insta-crush on illustrator Victoria Thorne. As she made her way through Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait , she sketched and tagged — filling her moleskin with drawings and sharing with us on Instagram . Drawing  everything from photos of young Amy to iconic dresses, we're blown away by her expressive, direct drawings.   Victoria caught our eye — and we had to reach out !  Make sure to follow her on IG as @victoriathorne for her sketching travels.  Here's an interview — via drawings — with the talented artist. The interview came creatively (could you have guessed it?), in a lovely envelope with the q&a beautifully illustrated. A GIF of opening the envelope. _________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Describe yourself in six words. I watch for Grace (4) Mom sister  nana daughter wife friend   loving   redhead  (1?) st