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#SFphotohunt Portraits: Kseniya Tuchinskaya

This profile is an interview with a San Francisco photographer, inspired by the exhibition The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936–1951 and the #SFphotohunt Instagram contest. This interview is with Kseniya Tuchinskaya , who won the #CityRitual challenge .   Kseniya Tuchinskaya's winning submission to the #CityRitual challenge of #SFphotohunt. Do you have a favorite place to photograph? Where is it and why? I don’t have one favorite place to take photos, or rather, I most love taking photos when I travel — it’s part of the way I experience the new place I’m in. Locally, I love to go to Briones Regional Park in the morning before the fog burns off — the landscape looks surreal and beautiful. I also love any old buildings, the rustier and peely-painted the better.