Malcolm Margolin Reads a Menu

Malcolm Margolin reading  A Menu for Recognizing Invisible Forces by  Helena Keeffe and Jessica Prentice

Photo: Malcolm Margolin reading 
A Menu for Recognizing Invisible Forces by 
Helena Keeffe and Jessica Prentice. 
Courtesy of Helena Keeffe.

When Helena and I first met and began the conversation about collaborating on a Havruta project, she asked me what I was reading. It happened to be The Ohlone Way by Malcolm Margolin, and she mentioned that she had also read much of it. This book became the inspiration for many of our conversations as it wove in many of our shared interests.

As our project evolved, we had the opportunity to meet with Malcolm and he generously gave us each a couple of Heyday Books, which ended up further inspiring our conversations. When he thought we were taking our project a bit too seriously, he said: "just have fun!" And we did.

Now that the project is installed, we had another chance to stop by Heyday Books and visit with Malcolm. We brought him a copy of our book from A Menu for Recognizing Invisible Forces, and watching him read it seemed to bring our project full circle.

Jessica Prentice
Three Stone Hearth Community Supported Kitchen

is on view through April 14, 2015.


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