Happy Fangs on their Name, Influences, and Instasongs

Happy Fangs by JenOf CalibreePhotography

Local band Happy Fangs plays Night at the Jewseum on Thursday, November 18.

How would you describe Happy Fangs’ music?
Our music sounds like Black Sabbath and Bikini Kill got in a pillow fight.

Where does your band name come from?
The band was formed by a guitarist whose legal last name is Cobra and a singer who is notoriously giddy. Sometimes bands name themselves. 
Who are your influences?
We are influenced by some riotous ladies: like The Slits to 7 Year Bitch; some greasy-haired gentlemen: The Melvins and Soundgarden; and some exuberant rockers out touring today: Hanni El Khatib, Palma Violets, The Vaccines, Wavves, Blood Red Shoes, and Lowell.

How long have you been playing together?
We have been playing as a three-piece (guitar, drums, and vocals) for almost a year. Happy Fangs has been making music since 2012.  

You started off without a drummer, and started playing with one earlier this year. How has the dynamic changed with a third member?
Adding a drummer to Happy Fangs, especially one of the hardest-hitting rock drummers, Jess Gowrie has increased our band's live energy and decreased our technical difficulties. 

You play instasongs, in which the theme and subject are crowd-sourced from your audience. Where did the idea come from? Do you ever wish that you could replay them? Any extremely good ones or bad ones?
This idea of instasongs came out of the dark shadows of *someone's* history of college comedy improv (not naming any names. . .). We love doing something a little bit scary and thrilling at every show. Most of our songs develop out of jamming together, so why not try our hand at it in front of a live audience?! 

Your songs are created through your practice sessions. Is this how you have always written songs or is this specific to this band? Do all three of you write music and lyrics equally or is the process completely collaborative?
Writing music live is the only way we know how to do it! We usually write the parts we play—Rebecca writes her vocals. Mr. Cobra writes what he plays on guitar and Jess is the master of her drums. We've been having fun recently writing parts for each other.

Happy Fangs by JenOf CalibreePhotography

Your band has a very cohesive look from videos to album art to photos to makeup, or rather, what you call warpaint. Do you think this cohesion came out of your professional life as a (graphic, fashion) designer?
Yes! The vision of a geometric black & white world penetrates everything Happy Fangs does and that is no accident! 

Where can we next see you play?
After this Thursday's Hanukkah festivities, you can see us at Saturday, January 31! Headlining at The Rickshaw Stop!

When will your next album be out?
Our first album ever, Capricorn will be out January 27!  

What other bands are you excited about? 
We are VERY excited that Sleater-Kinney is reuniting for a tour! 


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