Music Playlist of Past and Future Music Live at The CJM

The Contemporary Jewish Museum features live music every month in the Yud Gallery, our sound space. We began and will continue our quarterly after-work happening, Night at the Jewseum, which features art-making, music, drinks, and noshes.

With the recent opening of Hardly Strictly Warren Hellman, The CJM will be activated through live music, featuring bands and acts that have performed over the years during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

Listen to previous performers and those soon to come to The CJM. These local artists will make you put all conversations on hold and dance in The Museum’s Gallery. Their music will surprise and delight you.

Sonny Smith

  1. Prince Nedick & The Conks featuring Sonny Smith – Back in the Day (I Can’t Stand It). . .
  2. Happy Fangs – Hiya Kaw Kaw
  3. Carletta Sue Kay – Joy Division
  4. Whiskerman – Fair Mind, Maker, Weeper, Babe
  5. Kelly McFarling – Distractable Child
  6. Jesse DeNatale – I Hear Your Voice
  7. David Berkeley – Back to Blue
  8. Diana Gameros – Gumboots
  9. 8 Legged Monster featuring Karina Denike – Tear Drops (live)
  10. Sonny Terry – Crow Jane Blues
  11. Laurie Lewis – Freight Train Blues
  12. Suzy & Eric Thompson – Adam & Eve Had the Blues
  13. Red Meat – 12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan
Happy Fangs


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