How Are We There Yet? Works

A look at the technology behind the exhibition Are We There Yet?.

As visitors to this installation walk through the gallery, their movement triggers the state-of-the-art com­puterized audio system, creating a unique experience for each person in the space. Read on to learn more about the technology behind this customized system.

Computer Vision System

With a camera, this computer system tracks each visitor’s movement in the exhibition. Based on emerging research in robotics, the system uses machine learning to maintain a statistical model of each camera pixel. Those pixels, shown here as white shapes within boxes, represent the visitors’ movement.

Audio Spacemap

The audio system’s “Spacemap” illustrates the placement of speakers and audio focal points in the gallery using the groundbreaking D-Mitri System by Meyer Sound. The Spacemap is uniquely designed to deliver sound so that the voices (recorded questions) move smoothly and float through the gallery.

Question Database

During the run of the exhibition, a database of questions is being expanded, based on submissions from the community via social media. The questions that you hear while you move around the space are selected from thousands of audio tracks recorded by a variety of voices.

Sound Levels

Drawing from the Computer Vision System, the Spacemap, and the Question Database, this screen shows the dynamic sound levels used to create a unique audio experience for each visitor.


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